Saturday, August 14, 2010

Supporting/Defending Libraries

Here are a couple of links to articles in the recent press that reaffirm in articulate and eloquent language much of what we already feel about libraries. The first is from the Los Angeles Times:

US Public Libraries: We Lose Them at Our Peril

The second is  a response to a Fox News assertion questioning the need for libraries:

Chicago Public Library Commissioner Reacts to FOX Chicago News' Story Text of Mary A. Dempsey's Letter to the Editor

Are there points that have been missed?

Insights Newsletter

 Insights  is an email newsletter designed to keep you informed with local and System wide news and information.  I will be sending them to you once per month. 

Community Liaison Contact: Carol Van Baalen
2,700 Readers continue to Make A Splash!  At Des Moines, Kent and Woodmont.
                Our Friends have sponsored some great programs this month.  Here are a few examples:  Movies (“Avatar” and “Percy Jackson”) and  video game tournaments for teens at Des Moines and Woodmont; “The Not-Its,”  rock ‘n roll music for kids at Kent; Nature Vision programs about wilderness survival and water wildlife at Kent and Woodmont; Vamos a la Mer, a multicultural music program at Kent and Des Moines.  Thanks to our Friends for their valuable support of library programs for kids and teens.
Library 2 Go begins this week.  The Library 2 Go van visited several daycares in the Kent area on Monday, August 2, and more in the Des Moines-Woodmont area on August 3.  Local staff who went out on the van reported that it was a fun and rewarding experience.  Pictured here is a toddler enjoying himself on Monday’s Library2Go visit.   Each month, our cluster will have the van for one week, in which to visit local family daycares.  If you know of family daycares in the area that might be eligible for this service, please let us know.

Meet the Author, Amy Pennington at Woodmont Library, Monday, August 9 at 7pm.  Amy will present tips and advice for creating a thrifty, sustainable and seasonal kitchen from her new book, Urban Pantry.  Books will be available for purchase at this event.

Annual Used Book Sales coming in September!  Save these dates:

Saturday, September 11, 10am-5pm   Friends of the Des Moines Library Annual Used Book Sale
Sunday, September 12, 1-3pm

Friday, September 17, 10am-5pm       Friends of the Kent Library Annual Used Book Sale
Saturday, September 18, 10am-5pm
Sunday, September 19, 1-3pm

Upcoming Meetings: 
August 4, 7pm                     Des Moines Friends meeting
August 19, 12 noon            Kent Friends meeting
Both groups will be planning their September book sales at these meetings.

Kudos to the Des Moines/Woodmont Library Advisory Board—see below in this newsletter.

For a complete list of library programs and events at your library, please click on the following links:;;


The InfoToGo topic for August is the database subscription for  Find product reviews, ratings, buying advice and articles from Consumer Reports. To access, visit  For more information on the current month’s InfoToGo card, click here.

Children’s Services Coordinator Cecilia McGowan reports that Summer Reading Program signups have surpassed last year with 45,048 children signed up for the Preschool-Middle School program! August 31 is the final day for Summer Reading Program; children need to finish by this date in order to enter the computer and preschool prize drawings; September 10 is the drawing for laptop computers and preschool prizes. September 14 is the last day to claim prizes. Read 3 Get 1 Free-Summer Edition for teens is also in full swing.

From the Director’s Report  (To view the complete July report, please look here.)

Online Services is one of the three delivery methods under the Future Services Strategy. As KCLS prepares to engage staff in the development of online services, it is interesting to note that in many ways, KCLS already has a strong presence in this arena. One example is the number of book reviews posted by staff on KCLS’ Library Talk blog. There are currently 75 staff members who contribute reviews on a regular basis. Recently, libraries across the country that have a reputation for on-line services and programs were surveyed on the number of book reviews posted on their blogs between December 2009 and May 2010. KCLS had more than double the posts of any library surveyed and in the month of June, patrons viewed KCLS’ blog 8,038 times. The blog name “Library Talk” will soon be changed to “Book Talk” in order to better promote this service.

As reported at this month’s Planning Committee meeting, Evergreen is on schedule to launch the week of September 20. System hardware has been installed and software development for various modules is being completed and tested. A demonstration of the Online Patron Access Catalog was prepared for the July Board meeting. Circulation training begins July 27 and will be conducted for staff at libraries throughout the system. Stay tuned for updates.

KCLS was pleased to learn that “The Opposite of a Duck” (shown at left), displayed at the Fall City Library was selected as one of the 40 best public art works in the United States and Canada by Americans for the Arts 2010 Public Art Year in Review. Selections “reflect the most exemplary, innovative permanent or temporary public art works created or debuted in 2009.” Artist Janet Zweig of Brooklyn, New York is part of the KCLS artist roster that was developed by the Art Oversight Committee to ensure that KCLS’ art collection includes high quality art that engages the community and reflects high standards and artistic excellence. “The Opposite of a Duck” is a reader board that poses a variety of philosophical questions and is visible from the street in front of the Library.

Providing adequate parking while construction is taking place at the Bellevue Library is an important aspect of the garage expansion project. Thanks to cooperation from City officials, KCLS has been given permission to use half of Ashwood Park to build an access road to the temporary entrance of the Library’s underground parking garage. The other half of the park will be used as a staging area during construction. As part of the agreement, KCLS will enhance the landscaping around the park and return the park to its original condition upon completion of the project. It is anticipated that the Council could give final approval this fall and bidding on the project could begin early next year.

Parking is an issue that comes up repeatedly at the newly expanded Woodmont Library. When the Library was originally built, the City of Des Moines allowed on-street parking adjacent to the Library. However, the Department of Transportation noted that parking on the side street created restrictive traffic conditions and should be discontinued. The Des Moines Library Advisory Board has done a good job of keeping KCLS informed of this ongoing issue. Fortunately, land has become available which will allow KCLS to build 26 additional parking spaces. The expansion costs are covered in the current operating budget and the project should be completed by the end of the year.

The Auburn Library expansion project has also had parking issues. The City of Auburn is requiring KCLS to construct more parking spaces than the current site allows. KCLS was able to acquire additional property that will allow for expanded parking, enhance the entrance to Les Gove Park and improve visibility of the Library from Auburn Way. The City has agreed to partner with KCLS on the purchase of the property with the understanding that the site will provide shared parking for the park and the Library. A building currently located on the property is ideal for a temporary library during construction.


KCLS Capital Improvement Plan Projects

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Upcoming Dates Events and Projects
The next Planning Committee Meeting takes place on Thursday, August 19,  12pm at Burien Library.
The next Finance Committee Meeting takes place on Tuesday, August 31,  4pm at KCLS Service Center.
The next KCLS Board of Trustees Meeting takes place on, Tuesday, August 31, 5pm at KCLS Service Center.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Urban Pantry author presents at Woodmont

Above is Amy Pennington reading from her book, The Urban Pantry, at Woodmont on August 9th.
Her presentation was well received with many questions from the audience and several book sales at the end.
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