Saturday, June 4, 2011

June Insights

Community Liaison Contact: Carol Van Baalen
Author Sharol Louise to speak at Kent Friends Meeting
The Kent Friends will meet on Thursday, June 9, at noon at the Kent Library.  The business meeting will be followed by a presentation at 1pm by local author, Sharol Louise.  She is the author of three romance novels, most recently RoseHill Manor, published in October 2010.  Sharol will be selling her books after her presentation.  Library copies will also be available for checkout.

This month, children’s librarians are bringing the library out to the schools with presentations and assembly programs about the 2011 Summer Reading Program—“One World, Many Stories,” which begins on June 13.
The Des Moines and Kent children’s librarians will be accompanied by performer Alex Zerbe, formerly of Brothers from Different Mothers.  Zerbe will present a half-hour program of juggling, stunts and laughs, and children’s librarians will follow up with details about the summer reading program.  Many thanks to the Friends, who fund these assembly programs.
The “Read-Flip-Win Video Book Review Contest” will be back for teens this summer, as well as “Read Three Get One Free Summer Edition.”  Many special programs, from henna to manga to video game tournaments, are planned in our local branches.
Check the KCLS website and click on “One World-Many Stories” for all the details about the reading program and special events throughout the summer.
In Honor of World Refugee Day 2011
In June, on the 10th anniversary of World Refugee Day, the world will honor the courage, resilience, and determination of refugees.  The Kent Library, along with several other KCLS libraries, will offer free orientations to our region’s fastest-growing refugee communities.
Learn about Refugees from Burma
Saturday, June 11, 2-3pm, facilitated by Mona Han, Director of the Coalition for Refugees from Burma
Learn about Refugees from Bhutan
Sunday, June 12, 1-2pm, facilitated by Hem Acharya, Youth Advocate and Interpreter
Learn about Refugees from Iraq
Sunday, June 12, 3-4pm, facilitated by Baidaa Weli, of Jewish Family Services
Staff from the Kent and Covington Libraries will also participate with a booth in the Kent International Fair on June 18.


The InfoToGo topic for June is the database BookFlix. This database offers classic video storybooks and nonfiction eBooks for children. For more information on the current month’s InfoToGo card, click here.

FROM THE DIRECTOR’S REPORT (To view the complete May report, please look here.)


Amazon recently announced Kindle Library Lending, a new feature launching later this year that will allow Kindle customers to borrow eBooks from over 11,000 libraries in the United States. Kindle Library Lending will be available for all generations of Kindle devices. Based on this development, in addition to Baker & Taylor’s pending expansion into the eBook market, KCLS has doubled its collections budget for the year.

KCLS has learned that the Sammamish Library has been named a “New Landmark Library” by Library Journal. Landmark Libraries “raise the bar as they respond to trends in green design and shifts in service models.” A team of 16 architects and librarians looked at all new public libraries opened in the last six years and recognized only ten with this award. Mithun Architects has informed KCLS that later this month, the Federal Way Library will also receive an award from the American Institute of Architects during its annual meeting.

Bids for the Duvall Library came back at almost the same prices as last year. That means it will cost substantially more to build the Library than was budgeted. The tightness of the site, which is located on a main road and the amount of earthwork required drove costs that exceeded a typical library of that size. Given that the project has been bid twice, KCLS will adjust the budget and revise the capital plan accordingly. Bids for the Lake Forest Park Library came in under budget and construction is anticipated to start on that project by the middle of June.

KCLS has obtained the building permit for the Auburn Library renovation and expansion project but the City of Auburn added a last minute stipulation requiring KCLS to underground the utilities on property fronting Auburn Way South. Most of the frontage is on property that KCLS acquired to satisfy the City’s request to build additional parking, and would be the only section of the street with underground utilities. The cost is out of proportion to the rest of the project and KCLS will work with City staff to explore possible mitigation before the final permit is released. 

City of Bellevue staff should complete their report on the Bellevue Library parking garage project on May 26. If there are no appeals, KCLS can proceed with construction starting in June. 

Permit documents for the expansion and renovation of the Vashon Library were submitted to King County this month. In their initial comments, the Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES) indicated the existence of a deed restricting the development of Ober Park. DDES is also requiring extensive upgrades to the sidewalk and street along the entire park property. KCLS will explore the possibility of mitigation with the Vashon Park District as the expansion will take up little additional park space.

KCLS continues to work with the Community Center for Educational Results (CCER). The Center partners with a coalition of parents, community leaders, private foundations and public organizations to dramatically accelerate student achievement. Using affluent communities in Washington State and across the country as a benchmark, and with significant support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CCER hopes to double the number of students in South Seattle and South King County who are on track to graduate from college or earn a career credential by 2020. KCLS intersects with this group in at least two important areas:  development of Early Literacy skills and school preparedness, and providing resources and assistance to low income families seeking access to scholarships. KCLS is recognized as a leader on both fronts.

The KCLS Foundation recently struck a deal with Amazon, which has agreed to donate pre-publication galleys that are inventoried at its corporate headquarters in Seattle. After obtaining appropriate permissions from publishers, KCLS will use some of the books to stock Take Time To Read shelves.

The KCLS Foundation hosted 125 guests at the Newport Way Library Preview Party on April 20 and welcomed 50 guests at a Community Leaders Breakfast at the Renton Library on April 28. Thanks to Puget Sound Energy for supporting both events and the Newport Way Library Association for supporting the Preview Party. 

In May, the Foundation is involved with two author events that were popular auction items at the recent Literary Lions Gala. Twenty-five guests gathered recently for an evening of “Words and Wine” with authors Bharti Kirchner, Laurie Frankel, Thea Cooper and Boyd Morrison. Later in the month, 30 guests will attend a special event at the home of best-selling author J.A. Jance.

The Foundation encourages Friends of the Library groups to submit nominations for “Friend of the Year.” Friends groups may contact their Community Liaison or Jeanne Thorsen, at, for a copy of the form. The award will be presented at Friends’ Day on October 22.

The Board is preparing for its annual retreat. In addition to discussing technology, library trends and new projects, members will visit two libraries and the Materials Distribution Center at Preston to see “The Wizard,” KCLS’ Automated Materials Handling system.


Renton City Council voted to issue bonds for library construction but they have not reached a decision about the location of the downtown Library. There is considerable community interest to keep the Library at its current site. Given that the facility is built over the Cedar River, it will be problematic if not impossible to make necessary improvements. The City is interested in a new Library to enhance its downtown core and has been negotiating for a property near the Transit Center and the Pavilion Exhibit Center.

The Renton Highlands site is under the control of the Renton Housing Authority, which has chosen to use a developer for the entire Sunset Terrace project. Ultimately, KCLS will negotiate with the developer to determine if the Library will be a stand‐alone building or part of a larger complex.

Earlier this month, KCLS had a chance to talk about the Renton projects and present the 2010 Year in Review to 50 attendees at a Community Leaders Breakfast held at the downtown Renton Library on April 28. Renton City Administrator Jay Covington invited KCLS to make a similar presentation at a meeting of City Managers and City Administrators on June 1.

Last month KCLS reported on the controversy that erupted over KCLS’ requirement that Des Moines police officers present a court order to obtain copies of security camera tapes of an incident that occurred at the Woodmont Library. Given that other libraries in Washington State do not utilize security cameras and that in most cases, KCLS’ tapes have not proven useful as evidence in court, KCLS has decided to remove interior and exterior cameras from the ten libraries that have them.

The City of Tukwila is living up to its promise to move quickly on the Tukwila Village project. Perkins+Will Architects who designed the Sammamish Library are prepared to start on the Tukwila Library project and KCLS will be in a position to start negotiations next month. The KCLS Foundation is considering a major development effort for this project.


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Join us as the new Kenmore Library opens Saturday, July 9, 9:30am.
Groundbreaking for the Duvall Library is scheduled for Thursday, July 14.
Upcoming Dates
The next Planning Committee Meeting takes place on Thursday, June 16, 12 noon at the Burien Library.

The next Finance Committee Meeting takes place on Tuesday, June 28, 4pm at the Service Center.

The next KCLS Board of Trustees Meeting takes place on Tuesday, June 28,